Learn to use your camera with our personal photography tuition sessions. We start the sessions in the studio and gardens where you will learn what all the various functions of your camera are for, and then we head out into the garden or on one of the local walks through the adjacent parks and woodlands to put things into practice.


The gardens in particular offer a unique and varied location for your photo shoot. The garden areas will be constantly evolving as we develop and expand what is there, and the woodlands offer a secluded area for you to photograph the wildlife or work with a model to get the shots you are after.

The forthcoming studio area will be around 3m x 7m (tbc) and will be a clean and versatile space for you to use. The expectation is that there will be power, internet access, some pre-installed and controllable lights, a video projector, and a small sound system. The end nearest the house will be closed to act as a uniform backdrop, and the end facing towards the woods will have large windows for natural light.

Please see our note about working with nude models at Abrazo.

(The photos above were taken at a variety of locations and events)

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