Argentine Tango

The name "Abrazo" comes from the language of Argentine Tango. It means 'embrace' in Spanish, and is the name given to the hold between the leader and the follower. It is unique in dance holds in that it is less about frame and perfect form and much more about the connection between the dancing couple. The abrazo is what makes the dance special, and is the basis of a dance conversation between leader and follower.

Graham, the owner of Abrazo Studio, has been teaching Tango for some years now, and runs two regular open classes per week as well as private classes in several village and church halls in the area. some people have descibed him as a bit of a tango rebel as he rarely uses "traditional" tango music in his lessons but instead uses modern tracks from jazz, blues, electronica, rock, or any other genre you can imagine.

As soon as the studio opens for use he will transfer all his private sessions to Abrazo.

To find out more about tango and Graham's teaching style, please visit the Tangosynthesis website where you can see the regular class schedule (in Sevenoaks and South Norwood) and watch lots of videos about the dance itself.

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