Working with Nudes

We all know that artists like painting, drawing, and photographing nudes, and this is no problem at Abrazo where you will be given the privacy and space to work how you wish. But if you are shooting or painting nudes outside then we ask that you remember that this is a combined residential and farmland area and to be respectful of the neighbours. Either check with us if we can find out if the neighbours mind or are going out, or relocate to the top part of the wooded area where you are largely out of sight from anyone (particularly in the summer when everything has leaves), or to any other shielded or secuded part of the garden.

We will be planting hedges, fitting screens, and generally creating more secluded areas around the gardens and woodland as things are developed. But of course plants take a few years to reach full size, so the hedging will not be in place immediately.

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