Tucked away in the north west of Kent, this developing exclusive and secluded location will soon be available for dance tuition, art projects, retreats, and more. The gardens, a secluded wooded area, parts of the house and outbuildings, and - coming soon - a small multi-purpose studio will all be available for use for a variety of projects.

Art and Photography

The gardens, the forthcoming studio, and even parts of the house are all perfect locations for painting, photography, writing, or creating art projects that we have not even thought of yet. We also hope to be able to open up one of the workshops as a location or even as a construction and woodwork area if there is demand.


The forthcoming studio has been specifically designed for 1:1 or 1:2 private dance classes or practice sessions. Once completed it will have a floor of polished wooden laminate or similar, there will be an integral high quality sound system, and we will even be able to provide a video link if you want to use it as a base to teach online classes.

Visiting Us

Access to Abrazo is strictly by pre-booked appointment only, even if all you want is to have a look around. Parking is limited, and our intention is to ensure that visitors are left undisturbed as much as possible, so we will try to ensure that visits do not overlap. We are also a residential property and the site is often in use by the owners, so access would not be possible at those times.

Once we are fully open there will be an enquiry and booking form on this website with a diary showing availability, and you will be able to call us to discuss your options.

Views of the Site

The Patio

The garden is approximately 200m long, and has several different areas or zones. There is a patio area up by the house, a developing country garden on the top lawn, more wild areas down the slope, a lower circular lawn, and a small area of woodland.

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